David Willer- Club Captain

As Club Captain, David is leading CUTriC in what is set to be a big year. Defeating Oxford at both Varsity Triathlon and Duathlon remains a major goal. David’s experience from previous committee roles as Men’s and Running Captain will be invaluable for the club as it orchestrates an optimal training schedule to realise this goal. A firm believer that triathlon is a sport for all, David is also keen to ensure that training sessions are enjoyable, accessible, and beneficial to all abilities. When he’s not running, cycling, or swimming, David likes nothing more than a spot of wild camping and trekking. David’s strong interest in the outdoors is reflected in his academic work, where he is undertaking a 4-year biosciences PhD focussed around agriculture and food security.

Olivia Peel - Women's Captain

How did you get into triathlon?
I started triathlon in Michaelmas of my second year. I had been involved in a number of different sports in the past, but running and cycling were new to me. I had only run in school and inter-school cross countries at home in France and had never ridden a road bike in my life. Although I was a bit daunted at first, nerves disappeared completely after the first training session with the club. 

Which is your favourite type of training session? 
It really varies. When a session has gone well, I’ll really look forward to the next one. Although getting up for swimming early in the morning isn’t the easiest thing, I always feel really refreshed afterwards. Overall, I think running has been my favourite over the past two years. It’s so easy to pick up your shoes and go for a run, wherever you are! 

How often do you train? 
In the first six months after I started triathlon I trained about 3/4 times a week. Now it’s more like 5/6 times. I don’t have a fixed rest day, I just take a break when I feel the need or when I’m busy with work or travel. 

Tell us about your most memorable triathlon experience. 
I can’t say I have that many triathlon experiences, but I think it has to be my very first race, Varsity Triathlon at Belvoir Castle in 2015. Although my swim was all over the place, the atmosphere was great and I had a fantastic team to share the experience with! 

What advice would you give someone looking to get involved in triathlon? 
Don’t feel you have to go to every session from day one. Just do what feels right for you and gradually build it up. It gets addictive!

George Roberts- Novice Captain

Hi I’m a 2nd year medic at Fitz and am here to answer any queries from people new to triathlon ranging from race-day equipment to training schedules. I thought I knew a lot about triathlon before uni and still had plenty of questions in need of answering so don’t hesitate to ask!

James Kerchaw - Running Captain

I'm a 2nd year natural sciences student from Emmanuel. I started triathlon at 17 having competed in road cycling and cyclocross for two years. I didn't have a running or swimming background, but when I came to Cambridge the triathlon club helped me to develop these areas; now I love running and tolerate swimming!